It’s got my name on it!

As a kid, one of the most technically advanced presents I got was Dymotape. For the first time ever I could label whatever I wanted with my name. This was seismic stuff!

Dymo Tape

I even got a little business going where I would do up name tapes for my mates and charge them some extortionate amount like 1d or a Jelly Wriggler!

So started my obsession with stickers. I was soon writing to companies all over the place saying that I was doing a ‘project’ on stickers, and did they have any that they could send me. One of my favourites had to be the ‘STP’ sticker. When that package arrived, what fell out was a bundle of 50 or so stickers all neatly held together with an elastic band. This was better than Christmas!


In double quick time I had everything plastered with them, especially my bike. After all, surely stickers carrying this august brand would have to make it go quicker. And even if they didn’t, it certainly looked faster.

My sticker obsession grew and grew. Then I hit the jackpot. Avery Monson, one of the biggest sticker printers sent me a sample selection. I tipped the box out on my bed and hundreds of stickers cascaded over the bedspread (no duvets then)! There were stickers for everything you could imagine – Paintbrush handles, fruit boxes, electrical sockets, clothes sizes and tons of Sale stickers. This indeed, was a dream come true. How I had advanced from merely making a couple of name stickers, to being the undisputed Sticker Collection King of Ireland.

I mentioned ‘Sale’ stickers. The TV programme Naked Camera did a wonderful sketch ‘Sale’ signs and stickers which is well worth a watch, even for those of you who don’t suffer from my particular affliction.

So why am I talking about all of this. Well, I do believe that what you hold dear as a child always stays with you. You may not indulge in the particular obsession any more, but hidden deep in your psyche, your past interests are ready to be awakened. Like the Lotus seed that lay dormant for 1,300 years – a single drop of water, and it sprang to life!

Well, Cathal Gormley’s bike was my drop of water. Not the bike itself which is great and full of all sorts of electronic whizzbangery, but the discreet name sticker affixed to the frame. As soon as I saw it, there was an inevitability to what would happen. I HAD to have my name on my bike! So online I went and found Names On Frames. Great service, and my stickers arrived in Ireland 2 days later. Mind you, that was via Parcel Motel, because standard Royal Mail delivery times to Ireland are tragic.


I have no doubt that there are many other companies out there offering a similar product, but I found these guys great. I ordered 20 (of course) and the cost – €18 inc. standard post. In the package were 24 🙂

But it’s not just about me rekindling my relationship with stickerdom, these are really handy. Many of us have the same or very similar bikes. And on some occasions, huge numbers of bikes will be together in on place.


So what better way of making sure you pick up the right one, than plastering your name all over it!

My only regret with these stickers? I should have put my Christian name as ‘Designed by’ and my Surname as ‘Andrew Watchorn’. Now that would have been cool!



3 thoughts on “It’s got my name on it!

  1. My bikes are both branded “Black Beauty” and “The Great White Hope”. Those not with a sense of history or a sense of humour can take offence at the latter. Political correctness gone mad, as they say.

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