The Green Revolution

Since I was a little lad, green has always been my favourite colour. However, that may have changed! Apparently, part of this whole ‘getting fit’ lark is eating properly. And that means having to ingest all sorts of appalling stuff like vegetables and suchlike. The arch demon in this whole cornucopia of foul tasting do-goodery is the Green Smoothie!

The Dreaded Green Smoothie

The Dreaded Green Smoothie

Sure, you can put it in to a fancy glass, and chuck a few non-green coloured distractions around it, but it is still fundamentally something not dissimilar to what colonises stagnant pools of water.

The most alarming aspect of this ‘Green Revolution’ is that I am starting to like this stuff. The key word is ‘starting’ as I still have a gag or two when it is on the way down. At least the full on retching has stopped! Is it that when your body needs something, it is able to switch off the ‘that tastes crap’ synapses? Maybe so, either way I have now become a victim of the green revolution!

Ingredients: Apple, Pear, Orange, Lemon, Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Pak Choi, Ginger


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